“Chicken Croquettes” [1908]
Take two chickens weighing about three pounds each, put them into a saucepan with water to cover, add two onions and carrots, a small bunch or parsley and thyme, a few cloves and half a grated nutmeg, and boil until the birds are tender; then remove the skin, gristle and sinews and chop the meat as fine as possible. Put into a saucepan one pound of butter and two tablespoonfuls of flour, stir over the fire for a few minutes and add half a pint of the liquor the chickens were cooked in an one pint of rich cream, and boil for eight or ten minutes, stirring continually. Remove the pan from the fire, season with salt, pepper, grated nutmeg and a little powdered sweet marjoram, add the chopped meat and stir well. Then stir in rapidly the yolks of four eggs, place the saucepan on the fire for a minute, stirring well, turn the mass onto a dish, spread it out and let it get cold. Cover the hands with flour and form the preparation into shapes, dip them into egg beaten with cream then in sifted breadcrumbs and let them stand for half an hour or so to dry; then fry them a delicate color after plunging into boiling lard. Take them out, drain, place on a napkin on a dish and serve. The remainder of the chicken stock may be used for making consomme or soup.

The Cook Book by “Oscar” of the Waldorf, Oscar Tschirky [Saafield Publishing: Chicago] 1908 (p. 286)
[NOTE: recipes for Chicken Croquettes Perigourdin (with mushrooms, truffles & cooked smoked tongue) and Queen Style (with mushrooms and Queen sauce) are provided.]