1. A food tip, The Roaring Fork is a must for their green chili pork with warm buttered flour tortillas. It is a small chain, and we don’t take out guests to chains but I would make an exception for this dish. Multiple locations.

2. Get some sun. Go back to 1968 with a trip to Hippy Hollow. 7000 Comanche Trail, Austin, TX 78732. Now officially a clothing optional swimming hole. Not a beach in the traditional sense but plenty of flat rocks along the edge of the water to lay on. A yoga mat and a towel will make it comfortable. The vibe is mellow and relaxed and there is plenty of parking. Admission 8.00

3. The Cathedral of Junk is worth a trip for those of you traveling by car. It is in a suburban backyard and a sculptural cathedral made entirely of cast offs. however you must call ahead to make an appointment (512-299-7413) or you might end up stuck on the chair of despair. Vince asks for $5 donation per adult. The Cathedral can even be rented for parties, weddings, birthday parties, etc. In fact, in keeping with its name, some couples have even been wed at this Cathedral.