San Antonio Food Tour

Architectural & Historical Feast

San Antonio’s historical and architectural landmarks are more than just pretty buildings; they are dense with history, as it is with the food scene. Japanese, Tex Mex and German traditions are all represented. BE HUNGRY.

Bethovan Mannerchor, 422 Pereida St

Meeting Time: 5:00 P.M.

+1 (469) 880 8203


Only minutes from the downtown River Walk is the least visited but most admired part of San Antonio, the King William Neighborhood.

Our feast takes place in this early settlement as we begin with the Germans, the earliest immigrants to shape this part of San Antonio. In their honor, we begin with a beer and a Bratwurst.

We stroll the neighborhood’s beautiful streets and see the Ancient Convent with a new purpose. We view the home of the architect who designed the River Walk.

We then enjoy a Tex Mex feast before an additional stroll to see more, including a private portion of the River Walk enjoyed only by local residents.

We will take you from 1718 to 1871 as we view this, the most beautiful part of San Antonio.

Make sure to bring your cameras as this is the most Instagram-worthy part of the city.

As the night begins to settle on the river, we end our tour with champagne and dessert.

*Bring a portable water bottle to be refilled along the way. Gluten-free cannot be accommodated at this time.

Private Tours are available in Spanish.

San Antonio FOOD TOUR

Become A Part Of The Story

San Antonio Tour - Architectural & Historical Feast
San Antonio Food Tour
Architectural & Historical Feast - San Antonio
San Antonio Food Tours
San Antonio Tours - Architectural & Historical Feast
San Antonio Food Tour - Architectural & Historical Feast
San Antonio, Texas Food Tours

Architectural & Historical Feast


Whose number can I contact?
If you have any concerns or questions, you can contact the Support Team at this number +1 (469) 880 8203.
Where is the meeting spot for the San Antonio Food Tour?
Bethovan Mannerchor, 422 Pereida St, San Antonio, TX 78210-1149 >>>> Google Map

Meeting Spot San Antonio Food Tour

What time does the San Antonio food tour start?

Kindly see your guide at the meeting spot at exactly 5:00 pm.

Where does the tour end?
It ends at our hidden Feast spot, but your guide will direct you where you need to go and there is internet if you need a car service.
How many hours does the food tour run?
About 3 hours, it can be a few minutes longer if you are taking a lot of photos.
How can we distinguish our guide, so we can easily look for him/her?
Your guide will be wearing A Moveable Feast Tour backpack.
If a tour’s slot is sold out, can I get on a waiting list?
Absolutely, simply send your contact information to support@amoveablefeasttours.com and we will let you know of any cancellations.
May I know if there is a parking space?
There is plenty of street parking in San Antonio.
What should we bring?
Umbrella if rain is expected and a mask for those establishments that require it.
What should we wear?
Be comfortable with comfortable shoes.
How much do we walk?
San Antonio is an easy walking tour at roughly 1 mile with stops along the way, suitable for all ages.
Do the tours go out in all weather?
All but extreme weather, yes. In the event of a cancellation our customer support team will contact you.
How many people go on the tours?
Along with your guide a maximum of 12, however with a private tour you control the numbers.
Are children/infants allowed to join the tour and do we need to purchase tickets for them?
Children over 5 will need a ticket, an infant in a stroller is welcome with no ticket just let us know ahead of time.
Why is your tour more expensive than others?
For two reasons, each food tour includes a feast and does not rely on shared bites on paper plates served in alleys. We include alcohol and we pay our guides a decent wage.
When do gift vouchers expire?
We give a full two years from the date of purchase.
Can we get a discount if we don't drink alcohol?
We are committed to the recovery of our restaurant partners and we pay one price per person whether you choose the alcohol or a soda.
Is everything included?

Yes, all tax and tips for the restaurant staff (not your guide) are included.

How much food is served on the tour?
You get both tastings and a feast. So come very, very hungry
What if we don't eat meat?
Remind your guide and you will be given the vegetarian options.
What if we don't eat pork?
Just let your guide know at the beginning of the tour and we will make a delicious substitution.
How is the food chosen?
We make all the choices for you depending on your diet, San Antonio can be vegetarian and the vegetarian selections are great. I am afraid Gluten-free is not available at this time.
What about allergies?
Please inform us upfront of any food allergies and we will do our best to find options for you. Gluten allergies cannot be accommodated.
Do you accept cash?
No. However with the Peek pro app, you can join the tour up to 15 minutes before it begins IF we have space available.
Other questions?
If you have other questions not covered here send an a mail to contact@amfevents.com